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The Stallion

The party was going full swing. Loud music pulsating from the speakers, beer flowing from kegs into opaque plastic cups and the cops had already been there warning to tone it down. I had a nice beer buzz going and was on the prowl.

Casually migrating from group to group I saw a chick that was distinct possibility, a statuesque brunet. Even better, she talking to a girl that I knew. I went over and insinuated myself into the conversation. Naturally, there was the obligatory few minutes of chatting with the girl I knew. I didn’t remember her name and I didn’t give a damn about how her classes were going. What I wanted was the hot brunet who I discovered was named Rachel.

Rachel was very friendly and I gave all indications to being willing. After some mindless banter I was able to cut her from the group and herded her outside, away from the din.

We chatting for a while we decided that going to her apartment was a great idea so she could impress me by making gimlets. (she loved the color)

We made out to the door and to my car. A guy I knew gave me a “thumbs up.” A dozen blocks away and we were in her apartment which was happily void of roommates. Obviously a little tipsy she made some disgusting green concoction and served it in a martini glass. I sipped and complimented her before putting it on the coffee table and brushing the hair back from her face.

She looked into my eyes and I knew this was going to be great. We began kissing and it was not long before she was fumbling with my belt. In no time we were naked on the floor. Now I don’t like to brag but I am rather skilled in the fellatio department and I was going down like an Acapulco cliff diver.

My strategy was to get her off a couple of times and then plunge in. Step one was working because she was moaning and screaming like a banshee. It wasn’t long before I couldn’t wait anymore. It was time for what I like to call “the grand entrance.”

I don’t know what power propelled me but I had her legs over my shoulders and was jackhammering like there was no tomorrow. Without the “give” of a bed I was really laying the wood to her. The second stage of this carefully crafted plan was going well. Rachel was no longer moaning but shuttering and writhing as though she were overcome with orgasm. I guess one was just flowing into the next.

My confident in my studliness was lifted as I continued to pound away. Her motions were really quick and fast, I had never seen a girl cum so long and so completely. With obvious pride in a job well done I decided to reward myself by joining her release. With shocking volume I let out a gravelly primal scream. With her vibrating like a massage table I had a truly incredible orgasm. I was sweaty and breathless.

After removing her legs from my shoulder she was still shuttering. I thought to myself “Damn I am a STUD!!!”. Being a compassionate lover I waited for her to finish, but she kept shaking. “Damn she is a horny thing”. I stood up, still proud of my accomplishment, my cock dripping with our juices. It was just then when the front door opened. A cute chubby redhead walked in.

“uh….hi” was all I could think of to say. She saw her roommate and said “quick, move that table away, she can knock it over and break the glass.” Still naked and totally confused I grabbed one end of the table and we moved it several feet away.

“there is nothing to do but keep her away from sharp items” then she looked at my face then down at my dick and in an indignant voice “you didn’t fuck her while she was having an epileptic seizure…did you?”

“Seizure?” I said dumbfounded? “I thought she was cumming”

The redhead looked down at my now flaccid member. “uh, whatever you say”

In a few minutes Rachel had regained consciousness and was disoriented. Her roommate wiped some spittle off her face and we helped her up. We helped her to bed and the roommate said “I think the party is over Casanova, you might want to get dressed.”

Under the watchful glare of the roommate I quietly made my escape. I sat in the car and reflected upon what had happened. I went from thinking that I was the stallion of the century to being a pervert who banged a girl having an epileptic seizure.

Then it occurred to me, I CAUSED the seizure! Smiling to myself I started the car and drove back to the party.

I AM the world’s greatest stud!

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